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A vertically integrated device and data management hub for configuring, deploying, updating, and monitoring  energy meters and connected devices

Complete vertical integration from sensor to ERP
Simple device deployment & management
Secure cloud & on-premise deployment
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A holistic solution for energy consumption data management from device provisioning to ERP system integration.


We are focused on use-cases for utility or energy providers that typically have upwards of 10,000 assets to be deployed, controlled and monitored.
Remote heating and water meter readings
Remote environmental condition monitoring
Remote power distribution box status monitoring
Remote battery health monitoring
Regulating solar power generation feed-in
 Measuring actual consumption required by ESG reporting

Why Tseba?

right-arrow-24pxTseba is more than just another generic asset management platform, it is a complete solution for the entire lifecycle of the assets in question

right-arrow-24pxTseba is most applicable for organisations with a large fleet of assets to monitor and control where efficient scalability is paramount


Tseba provides in-depth analysis and consulting on appropriate IoT technologies, deployment strategies, process improvements and digitalization

right-arrow-24pxTseba deeply integrates with the existing organisational systems, from device deployment to business processes in ERP systems

right-arrow-24pxTseba relies on the most appropriate and matured technologies with a proven track record when addressing a particular use-case

right-arrow-24pxTseba provides after-sales training and support to enable the independent maintenance and operation of the underlying infrastructure 



Tseba's core features is a result of detailed analysis of the complex day-to-day problems that utility and energy providers have to solve.
Simple and scalable rollout of new LoRa devices

The system enables a seamless and efficient deployment of new devices in a LoRa network. It simplifies the configuration and management of the devices, ensuring optimal performance and security.

Out-of-the-box support for certain LoRa Sensors

Some LoRa Sensor OEMs provide specialized integrations with certain widely used smart meters, which Tseba can support and manage out-of-the- box.

Multi IoT platform integration

Tseba is a versatile solution that can support additional standard IoT communication technologies and their infrastructure in addition to LoRa, such as NB-IoT and Zigbee. 

Troubleshooting of faulty assets

A map-based dashboard is used to display the location and status of installed sensor devices and gateways. Device traceability allows for efficiently narrowing-down of communication failures.

Sophisticated user management

Tseba's user management system allows administrators to control access levels, roles and groups for each user. This also includes the authentication, authorization and password management. 

Integration with existing ERP systems

Tseba provides downstream integrations with existing ERP systems to handle operational tasks such as billing and maintenance. It enhances workflows and productivity by further digitizing existing processes.


In order to provide a complete end-to-end solution, Tseba also provides various consulting services as part of the standard offer.
IoT technology advisory and support 
  • Specific sensors and communication technology are typically required for a particular use-case. 
  • We analyze the detailed requirements and advise on the most appropriate devices and technology to meet these requirements.
Efficient and scalable deployment processes
  • Each organization naturally has its own unique requirements when it comes to deployment of devices.
  • Tseba's business analysts will determine the most efficient process for scalable deployment, which is realized in the web application.
Automation of real-world processes
  • Once IoT infrastructure is deployed, real-world processes that are currently being done manually can be automated.
  • A prime example is the regular remote reading of heating and water meters and automatically transferring the readings to the relevant ERP system for billing purposes.
Operational training and support
  • Due to the nature of critical infrastructure, Tseba typically needs to be completely deployed on-premise.
  • We provide support on how to deploy the system in the organisation's own production environment.
  • We also provide training and ongoing support on the various underlying technologies and infrastructure after system hand-over.


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Integration of sensors and infrastructure

Specific sensors and a particular communication technology are typically required for a use-case. New sensors and the network infrastructure can be integrated into Tseba through an abstraction layer that standardizes the various interfaces to enhance compatibility and interoperability.

Efficient and scalable deployment processes

Efficient and scalable deployment processes

Each organization naturally has it's own unique requirements when it comes to deployment of devices. Tseba's business analysts will determine the most efficient process for the scalable deployment, including setting the relevant metadata such as location and important installation details.

Monitoring services

Monitoring services

The alert configurator allows the user to create customized alerts, based on the parameters that are relevant to the use-case. The metrics dashboard is a tool that allows you to track and examine the key Tseba components in real time.

Meter & measurement analytics

Meter & measurement analytics

This service displays useful data about meters and measurements that are installed and delivered. More in-depth insights and trends can also be obtained from the vast amount of data gathered.

Hosted in the cloud or on-premise

Hosted in the cloud or on-premise

Tseba is a flexible solution that can be adapted to the particular business needs. It can either be hosted it in the cloud or deployed on-premise, depending on the security requirements and resources.

System health status

System health status

This service allows the user to check the status of the Tseba application and IoT network in real time. It shows whether the application is online, offline, or experiencing issues and also provides information on the latest updates and maintenance schedules.